Laboratory Partnership Services

Laboratory Partnership Services

Bureau Veritas has been providing onsite laboratory management solutions, including full laboratory operations, for over 20 years. Our solutions benefit our oil, gas, chemical, mining, food, and agriculture customers by reducing overhead and operating costs, expanding testing capabilities, and increasing operational efficiency. In addition, outsourcing laboratory operations gives our customers access to new technologies which can reduce turnaround times and lower costs per unit of analysis. Bureau Veritas has experience providing full laboratory outsourcing, new build engineering consultation, and operational excellence auditing services across a wide range of industrial markets. We operate under the most stringent quality and HSE controls and certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 17025.

Danny Sanchez
Sanchez, P.Eng., PMP

Senior Manager - Technical Services

Bureau Veritas Laboratories

“Underestimating and oversimplifying the lab design and construction venture is a widespread phenomenon that is generally at the root of nearly all laboratory project failures and problems.
Please read my recently published article, "Laboratory Design and Construction: Translating Success":”