Project Analytical Specialist (PAS) Program

Bureau Veritas’ approach to Analytical Services is unique in the industry.  We realize that today it’s not just about test tubes and syringes, it’s about personnel capabilities, laboratory data management protocols, and instrumentation performance programs.  Many companies can offer staffing solutions, but the agile staffing solutions provided by Bureau Veritas are further optimized by providing staff fully trained to run the instrumentation. In the case of standardized methodology such as ASTM, our staff is trained on the exact methodology needed in our client laboratory on day one of their deployment. Further, the training protocols completed in Bureau Veritas laboratories can transfer directly to client records in many instances.  By focusing on the needs of laboratory managers who simultaneously need an efficient and cost-effective project or temporary laboratory personnel support we are able to provide solutions that go far beyond basic laboratory staffing.

Key Benefits of Bureau Veritas’ Project Analytical Specialist (PAS) Staffing Solution:

  • Unexpected and/or extended leave of absence: if budget only allows for minimal staffing and you need assistance during an unexpected and/or extended leave of absence, utilizing a PAS ensures uninterrupted laboratory services for production support
  • Varying sample throughput coverage: if swings in sample throughput maximizes the capabilities of existing staffing, a PAS on temporary contract deployment provides the extra staffing needed during the upswing without adding extra headcount no longer needed when throughput returns to normal
  • New technology evaluation: the skill level and experience of the Project Analytical Specialist affords simple implementation of new technology when it is not possible to free up existing staff to perform the evaluation – technology comparison can start on day one of the deployment
  • Project completion: as the staff title reflects, utilizing a Project Analytical Specialist for project completion enables the Lab Manager to complete more with less and to continue regular laboratory operations without reassigning staff