Shipping Samples

Mining Shipping Samples


Each sample shipment must include an analytical request that specifies:

  • Individual or company to be invoiced
  • Contact person and phone number
  • Method of analysis (analytical package) wanted
  • Purchase order number or project name if required for invoicing
  • Type, number of samples, and sample sequence (optional)
  • Any special instructions
  • Mode of data transmittal (e-mail, website, diskette); a hard copy is always mailed
  • Disposition of rejects and pulps (discard, returned or stored) after analysis

A copy of the Bureau Veritas Requisition for Analytical Work forms can be downloaded and should be included with each shipment. Please state clearly the desired method of data delivery including an e-mail address.

Pack the samples securely, ensuring that each sample is clearly labeled with a sample number.
Please identify any high-grade samples. This helps us to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

For expedient and assured delivery, do not mail your samples.
For shipments to the Vancouver Canada Laboratory:
Please prepay all courier and freight charges, otherwise a surcharge will be added to any collect shipping charges. Samples should be addressed to:

Bureau Veritas Commodities Canada Ltd.
9050 Shaughnessy St
Vancouver, BC
Canada, V6P 6E5

International Shipments to Canada
Please contact Bureau Veritas prior to sending the first shipment. Use a major international airline or a courier service such as DHL, UPS or FedEx. Mark the air waybill: Notify Lab at (604) 253-3158 upon arrival.

Bureau Veritas’s custom broker is Cole International Inc.
All shipments should be labeled: ‘Geological Rock or Geological Soil samples for analysis only.
NO Commercial Value’

Whenever possible do not combine soil and rocks in the same shipment. Do not state soil if shipments contain only rocks or samples. This may create a delay with Canadian Customs. Soil shipments must contain import permits, which must be obtained from the Vancouver office prior to shipment.

Soil Shipments to Canada and within Canada
Soil samples must be shipped according to Canadian Food Inspection Agency regulations in a “sturdy leak-proof container.” Environmentally hazardous material may require special handling; additional charges may apply.

It is required by the CFIA that all soil, vegetation, and plants be shipped in a “STURDY LEAK PROOF CONTAINER”. Containers should be puncture proof. Cardboard boxes and envelopes cannot be used.

At this time, plant and vegetation does not require an import permit nor a Phytosanitary Certification under the Plant Protection Act. However, shipments must be DRIED and are still subject to inspection upon arrival in Canada.

Bureau Veritas will provide a CFIA Permit needed to clear soil samples expeditiously through Canada Customs. Permits are specific for the country of sample shipment origin and valid for one year. A copy of the permit must accompany each shipment. Shipments cleared through Canada Customs for no charge.

Failing to follow the above requirements will result in Canada Customs either destroying or returning the shipment at your own expense. Bureau Veritas will not accept any soil shipment that is improperly packaged.

For shipments to Laboratories outside Canada:
Please contact your nearest office regarding shipment.