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With ProTrack’s mobile capability you can  make decisions, get approvals, and more, all from one your mobile device — eliminating slowing down any process of your business. 

Unlike traditional construction management software that is currently on the market, ProTrack is powered by low-code software. This means,  ProTrack's turnaround time - from contract to implementation -  is on average between 4-6 weeks. Competitive products lead time typically is between 4-6 months. There is no code to deploy or maintain and the ease of ability to make changes to the application lowers the total cost of ownership.

ProTrack is a highly scalable platform capable of supporting hundreds of solutions.  

Unlike traditional construction management software that is currently on the market, ProTrack is powered by low-code software and this means, ProTrack's turnaround time - from contract to implementation -  is on average between 4-6 weeks. Competitive products lead time typically is between 4-6 months. There is no code to deploy or maintain and the ease of ability to make changes to the application lowers the total cost of ownership. ProTrack is our enterprise cloud-based software that grows with your business.
How we develop, onboard, and help you maintain custom solutions for your Project Management needs.


  • Real Estate Life Cycle Management

    • Dashboard & Reporting  SAMPLE BELOW

    • Site Pipeline Support

    • Site Management

  • Construction Project Management

    • Project Management​

    • New Construction Dashboard

    • Milestone Tracking SAMPLE BELOW

    • Survey Management Dashboard

    • Pre-Con Management

    • Procurement Management

      • Dashboard & Reporting​

      • Vendor Management SAMPLE BELOW

      • Bid Management

      • Purchasing & Invoicing

    • Capital Planning Management​

      • Dashboard Reporting

      • Asset Tracking & Management  SAMPLE BELOW

      • Annual Condition Assessments

      • Close Out Management​

        • Punchlist Dashboard SAMPLE BELOW

        • Mobile Punchlist

      • Cross-Platform Features

        • Approval Automation​

        • Workflow Automation SAMPLE BELOW

        • Document Management

ProTrack is a highly scalable platform capable of supporting hundreds of solutions. Schedule a demo today!

Feature 1:
Dashboard & Reporting

ProTrack’s cloud-based software is designed to help you successfully manage your company’s real-estate portfolio throughout the construction life cycle.

  • Set up Automatic notifications on Real Estate Deal Changes

  • From your dashboard you can set up/manage recurring site services and visibly track / build reports on key site milestones 

  • ProTrack’s Site Pipeline Report gives executives dealing with lenders, equity partners, or accounting the visibility to provide quick answers, based on real-time data, for every site within their portfolio from single click of their mouse.

  • Visibly see every site within your portfolio with ProTrack’s Site Map Report (powered by © Mapbox); quickly drill down sites by geographic regions, PM/CM, vendors, investors or other identifying metrics.

  • Quickly manage site approvers and set up automatic workflows

  • Automatically transmit pre-populated forms for maintenance and work-orders; easily link work orders to site and project records

Dashboard and reporting


Feature 2:
Milestone Tracking

With ProTrack Milestone Tracking you will always know what is going on at every site and project without having to spend hours searching outdated spreadsheets or sending numerous checking-in emails to your crew in the field.​

  • Milestones act as history records for key project details; crew members can add notes, update status, (with the proper permission), they can adjust delivery dates or reassign milestones to other team members. 

  • Automatic push notifications based on user-roles ensures your key plays never miss the Milestones that are important to their side of the project.

  • ProTrack’s Milestone Tracker gives your crew the ability to easily see team Milestones, as well as their personal Milestones at a glace. 

  • Milestones can be searched for or tracked by assigned milestone IDs, by milestone name or by category / subcategories.

  • Quickly drill down within an individual Milestone record to see key details or link to new or additional Project or Site Records

milestone tracking


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Feature 3:
Vendor Management

ProTrack’s Vendor Management feature is designed to encourage collaboration, information sharing and transparent communication between your company, vendors, partners and clients.

  • AUDIT TRAIL: Easily track all communications between vendors, approvals, payments, etc.

  • DATA MANAGEMENT: Create and manage a centralized cloud-based data repository to house important vendor documents inside each Vendor record ( COI, W-9, Endorsement letters, tax and banking information, trade agreements, etc.), along with contact information, risk analysis rating. Recall any invoice a vendor is associated with through the Vendor records Vendor Summary. 

  • PORTALS: ProTrack’s Vendor Portals provides vendors with a portal to manage data sets, submit important documentation and digital send invoices; allowing users to collaborate with suppliers by sharing documents.

  • SPEND MANAGEMENT: built-in spend controls are managed with workflow automation or user-role profiles.

  • REAL-TIME ANALYTICS: Use analytics to track performance in areas like SLAs, supply contracts and KPIs; use ProTrack’s Vendor Rating to assign a rating at the end of each completed Project. 
    SECURITY: ProTrack’s web & mobile based platform brings an extra level of security and assures compliance and mitigating risk.

  • AUTOMATIC NOTIFICATIONS: Receive automatic notifications when a project or invoice is approved, denied or requires additional information. 

vendor management



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Feature 4:
Asset Tracking & Management

ProTrack is your dedicated application to track all your assets throughout their life cycle, from procurement to disposal. Get real-time updates directly from your field teams about where your assets are located, who is using them, how they are being utilized and, as well as critical lifecycle details about each of your asset.​

  • MOBILE CAPABILITIES:  Retrieve and update vital asset information from your tablet or mobile device.

  • ASSET TRACKING: Detailed records and custom fields to give you real-time information about your assets.

  • CUSTOM NOTIFICATIONS: Get notifications when your crew requests a repair, checks assets back in after a job or anything else you choose to track. Keep your assets under warranty with scheduled maintenance notifications. 

  • SINGLE DATABASE: Store warranty and maintenance records and quickly find site and storage location assignments in each asset record; access any record from any site using your mobile device.

  • KPI MANAGEMENT: Measure/quantify performance, create and assign custom codes so you can automatically trigger work based on predetermined metrics.

Asset tracking and management



Feature 5:
Punchlist Dashboard

ProTrack’s Punch List management software is end-to-end solution to manage, communicate and close out your projects more effectively than you could ever image.​

  • The Punchlist dashboard has rich and robust reporting capabilities allows you to visualize your close out data that works best for your company. 

  • ProTrack is set up to handle changes and deviations. Upload photos in ProTrack, tie them to locations in the drawings and collaboratively answer questions all in one place. 

  • Remove liability issues completely by having trackable conversations and eliminating the “He said, She said” legal issues after completion of a project or phase.

  • Track punch trends by contractor, trade, region, site or project directly from your punch list dashboard.

  • From your dashboard you can immediately see how many punches need your attention and ProTrack’s drill down report capabilities will give you the ability to make quick adjustments to get back on track.

Punchlist dashboard


Feature 6:
Workflow Automation

ProTrack’s low-code Workflow Automation feature makes it easy to integrate data by building on top of existing data sources. Thus, eliminating approval bottlenecks for budgets, expenses or project approvals through pre-determine role-based automatic workflows.​

  • Utilizing role based predefined metrics, ProTrack will send you automatic notifications, date reminders and report subscriptions.

  • Approved expenses and change orders are automatically linked to the appropriate Project or Site records; notifies the whole team when approvals are received, and work can begin. 

  • Quickly approve from any job site using ProTrack Mobile Signature feature to keep projects going and deadlines met.

  • Receive automatic real-time notifications when a task is due or if a project you are responsible for in jeopardy falling behind. 

  • ProTrack allows you to quickly customize contributor notifications to meet any project specific requirements and easily set user permissions at the individual, vendor, company, site or project level. 

  • With custom role-based permission templates, you can create custom-defined permissions based on roles (such as subcontractors, architects, and engineers, etc.).

  • Standardizes workflows and minimizes manual errors with ProTrack’s end-to-end digital support

Workflow automation

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