Broadcast Tower RopeScan

Broadcast Tower Guy Wire Inspections Using RopeScan®

Are you a Broadcast Tower owner, operator, maintenance firm, or consultant to a Broadcast Tower owner? Do you struggle when deciding whether or not to replace a guy wire exhibiting signs of surface rust because previous inspection reports don’t provide you with the quantifiable data needed to assist you in making the soundest engineering decision? Does your budget have the appropriate funds to replace this guy wire?

If these types of concerns keep you awake at night, you need Bureau Veritas’ RopeScan® service. Our RopeScan® service provides you with a robotic, wireless, and innovative way to detect and quantify the Loss of Metallic Area (LMA) throughout the exterior AND interior of the guy wire using Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL). In addition to quantifying the LMA in each guy wire, RopeScan® provides a 360° view of the exterior of the guy wire with the four (4) HD cameras mounted to the robot.

As a result of our RopeScan® inspection, you will receive the following deliverables:

  • A comprehensive inspection report indicating the Loss of Metallic Area (LMA) experienced in each guy wire
  • A full-length video providing a 360° view of the exterior of the guy wire
  • Still photographs of any anomalies detected on the exterior of the guy wire

Our RopeScan® service provides you with quantifiable LMA data and a permanent close visual inspection of each guy wire, thus allowing you to track any deterioration progression over subsequent inspections and allowing you to make the soundest engineering decision on whether or not to replace the guy wire. Concerns over budgeting issues, safety concerns, and maintenance schedules when considering the replacement of a broadcast tower guy wire are a thing of the past when you use RopeScan®.

Are you ready to experience the cost savings of delaying the replacement of a perfectly good guy wire?

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