Renewable Energy

Clean Energy

The status quo of how we produce, transport, and consume energy is being rewritten by the global energy transition. The energy sector’s journey from the current dominant fossil-based system – oil, gas, coal – is now shifting towards more sustainable, clean energy resources. Bureau Veritas is pioneering this energy transition, offering expertise in hydrogen production and strategically managing carbon.

Hydrogen Whitepaper

Hydrogen: Developing the Value Chain for Sustainably Produced Energy

As the energy transition moves full steam ahead, industry players worldwide continue to invest in cleaner energy sources, with hydrogen among the front-runners. Demand for this carbon-free energy source for numerous industrial uses has increased threefold since 1975, and is set to grow further as the energy transition accelerates.

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Carbon capture utilization storage whitepaper

CCUS and the Path to Net Zero

As 2030 targets for net zero draw closer, the number of projects involving carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) is growing rapidly. According to the International Energy Agency’s Net Zero by 2050 plan, CCUS will be the most impactful technology for emissions reductions, and will be responsible for 55% of reductions by 2050.

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