Alberta Develops Guidance for Fentanyl Remediation

Jun. 10 2020

In 2016, the third wave of the opioid epidemic saw the sharpest rise in drug-related deaths from fentanyl and related drugs. As fentanyl is such a potent drug, even a small amount of exposure can harm the workers who respond to these fatalities. This brought to light the importance of having guidelines in place to reduce drug exposure for first responders and clean-up personnel.

In collaboration with Bureau Veritas and other contributors, Stantec developed new procedures for the Government of Alberta pertaining to the assessment and remediation of fentanyl contamination. Bureau Veritas' fentanyl detection methodology was referenced in setting a benchmark for effective remediation and testing. This benchmark is <1.0 ng per 100 square centimetres (ng/100 cm2) for surface wipe samples.

Fentanyl Testing

Fentanyl is one of 22 related drug materials that can be tested using our validated surface sampling solution, OpiAlert. Designed to make it easy to collect and submit samples for analysis from a variety of surfaces, OpiAlert is used to generate accurate surface contamination data though testing at our accredited laboratory.