Volatile Organic Compounds in Spray

Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are chemical compounds that have a high vapor pressure and low water solubility. According to the EPA, they can include a variety of chemicals that are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids and may cause short and long term health effects. Some of the more common VOCs include benzene, formaldehyde and toluene. The principal health concern arising directly from atmospheric VOCs is a potential short term or long term exposure to low levels of carcinogens.

Bureau Veritas analyzes VOCs using an array of detectors and equipment, supporting the broadest range of VOCs in the industry. This array of specialized equipment allows us to test for multiple solvents from a single tube.

Our talented team of experts have over 25 years of experience with VOC analysis. We follow the latest NIOSH and OSHA guidelines and also offer custom methods for more complex analysis.

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