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ChemoAlert in Veterinary Oncology


Investigators Trust ChemoAlert in Eye-opening Study of Engineering Controls in Veterinary Oncology

The Animal Cancer Foundation estimates that each year the U.S. sees 6 million new cancer diagnoses in dogs, and a similar number in cats. Veterinarians treat these animal cancers with many of the same chemotherapy (antineoplastic) drugs that are used with human patients. A 2006 study by Meijster et al. identified veterinary medicine as an occupation of concern for exposure to antineoplastic drugs, with levels of contamination as much as 15 times greater than in hospitals treating human cancer patients. In order to better understand chemotherapy exposure in veterinary medicine, veterinary oncology investigators undertook a study of surface contamination with commonly used antineoplastic agents in veterinary oncology specialty hospitals in the U.S. Learn why investigators selected the ChemoAlert Surface Sampling Kit to gather samples for this study and submit them to Bureau Veritas for analysis.

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