Renewable Power & Utilities

Renewable Power & Utilities

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Bureau Veritas provides comprehensive construction management and technical advisory services to the utility-scale renewable-energy markets, including the wind, solar, battery-energy storage, and transmission sectors. Through our subsidiary, Bradley Construction Management, we have managed and consulted on the construction of more than 18,000 MW of renewable energy projects across the United States. Our seasoned subject matter experts are advocates for your project through its entire life cycle, ensuring success through the owner’s engineering and technical advisory, project management and construction stages.

  • Owner’s Engineering & Technical Advisory Services

    Owner’s engineering and technical advisory services are the first steps to Bureau Veritas’ comprehensive construction management approach and are vital to ensuring a project’s success.

    The list below highlights the services we will provide during this stage:

    • Design Review – Review engineering designs at various phases to ensure compliance with project specifications, permits, codes, and other contractual requirements while following prudent industry practices.
    • Procurement Support – Prepare technical specifications and manage supplier proposals through the issuance of purchase orders and expediting.
    • Project Scheduling – Prepare overall project schedules that include development, interconnection, procurement, financing, and construction activities.
    • Acquisition Due Diligence – Provide site reviews to determine fatal flaws, inherent risks, and mitigation strategies.
    • Permitting Support – Support the project sponsor with obtaining relevant permits and ensure adherence to their requirements.
    • Micrositing – Determine field conditions that could affect power plant layouts and suggest alternative site arrangements.
    • Dispute Resolution Support – Provide schedule and cost analysis to assist with resolving disputes between parties while relying on prudent industry practices and contractual requirements.
    • Insurance Claim Support – Review site conditions and documents to provide cost opinions and repair alternatives.
    • Technical Specifications – Prepare technical specifications for procurement needs or plant/portfolio standards.
    • Development Support– Provide support for permitting, studies, surveying, and other services through various support entities.
  • Project Management Services


    Project management is critical to any well-structured project. Our project managers place a special focus on scope, schedule and budget in order to empower clients to make informed decisions about their investments and ensure overall project success. Below are the services we can provide to you through our project management group:

    1. Project Controls – Act as owner’s project manager and maintain accurate pulse on overall project health
    2. Contract Management – Provide contract management and oversight to monitor compliance to contract terms. Mitigate, monitor and implement changes in contract terms.
    3. Permitting Support – Manage and ensure compliance with owner’s permits and ensure EPC contractor obtains construction permits required to conduct work activities
    4. Safety – Review contractor safety plan and benchmark contractors against industry trends and average


    Preconstruction services are the final planning step before project commencement and sets the tone for overall success. Bureau Veritas will provide the following to you through our preconstruction staff:

    1. Project Estimating – Prepare project budgets or detailed construction estimates based on current market conditions
    2. Project Scheduling – Prepare comprehensive project schedules that include development, interconnection, procurement, financing and construction activities
    3. Procurement Support – Prepare technical specifications and manage supplier proposals through issuance of purchase orders and expediting
    4. Value engineering – Review pricing of various systems and advise on cost-benefit options and solutions
    5. Contractor RFP Management – Source and select contractor(s) through professional competitive proposal process to guarantee best value to client
    6. Constructability Review – Review construction drawings for coordination, code standards, completeness and value-engineering opportunities


    Project scheduling is a critical tool in ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget. Below are the services we can provide to you through our scheduling team:

    1. Review and monitor EPC contractor schedule and implementation
    2. Develop critical path method (CPM) schedule for new projects
    3. Develop schedule contingencies and recovery plans
    4. Monitor work schedules, construction metrics, performance calculations and verifications
    5. Manage owner’s deliverables to mitigate negative impact
    6. Analyze schedule with respect to Force Majure events, delays and claims
  • On-Site Owner’s Representative

    Project pre-planning culminates in our on-site construction management service.

    For this phase of the project, we will perform the following scope and deliverables:

    • Budget and Cost – Review cost expenditures compared to project budgets as well as track cost compared to progress.
    • Issue Management – Provide expert opinions for given subjects to ensure informed decision-making.
    • Schedule Analysis – Provide CPM schedule logic, duration, and resource analysis with an emphasis on avoiding or mitigating project delays and the effects thereof.
    • Permitting Support – Support the project sponsor with obtaining relevant permits and ensure adherence to their requirements.
    • Contract Administration – Manage contracts for compliance to commercial terms and ensure prompt communication flow, reporting, and issue resolution.
    • Safety – Ensure contractor compliance with its project-specific safety plan and provide periodic safety audits.
    • Reporting – Generate precise, succinct, and accurate reports that keep project stakeholders properly informed of project activities and issues.
    • Quality – Provide commissioning management, on-site inspections, and documentation to ensure adherence to contractor quality management plan.

Key benefits to IPPs and utilities

  • Our owner's engineering team has extensive experience developing technical standards, ensuring a project functions as intended and within the loss requirements.
  • We know how to draft and manage contractor requests for proposal to eliminate scope gaps, overlaps, and excess contingencies.
  • We approach owner's engineering and preconstruction from a unique perspective - we have had to complete, test, and manage the commissioning of projects as most of our technicians come from the contractor industry.
  • We have the experience to identify project problems and issues before they become insoluble.
  • We maintain an up-to-date database of system cost, production rates, and contractor performance which is available to owners when establishing project budgets and selecting contractors.
  • Project communications are key to successful projects. We have experience with multiple project management systems and technologies (e.g., Procore, Autodesk Build, Aconex, etc) to ensure customers have the information to make informed decisions.
  • When you hire Bureau Veritas, you get more than the proposed project team; you get the support of the entire company.
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