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Bureau Veritas Power provides comprehensive construction management, project management and technical advisory services to the utility-scale renewable-energy markets, including the wind, solar, battery-energy storage and transmission sectors. Our subject matter experts are advocates for your project through its entire lifecycle, ensuring success through the owner’s engineering, preconstruction and on-site owner’s representation stages. 

Areas of Expertise

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    Battery Energy Storage Systems

    Battery Energy Storage Systems

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    Nuclear Power Plant


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    Hanson - Arrow Canyon Solar Panels


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    Electric Grid

    Transmission & Substation

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    Giant wind turbines in ocean


Bureau Veritas (BV) began providing services to the California Energy Commission in 2011. The group played a pivotal role in shepherding more than 35 utility-scale renewable generation projects to successful completion. Additionally the group supported more than 10 transmission and distribution projects across the state.

Ten years later, in April 2021, Bureau Veritas significantly expanded its renewable energy service capabilities with the acquisition of Dallas-based Bradley Construction Management. Bradley (now Bureau Veritas) founded in 2013, has managed and consulted on the construction of more than 18,000 MW of renewable-energy and transmission projects across the entire U.S. Bureau Veritas continues to grow its completed project portfolio and geographic reach, while strengthening its position as the market leader in the management of utility-scale projects. 

  • Construction Management (On-Site Owners Representative)

    We provide on-site experienced resources to ensure successful project completion. Our major areas of focus during the phase are: 

    - Budget Management & Cost Control
    - Technical Issues Support
    - Schedule Analysis 
    - Permitting & Compliance Management
    - Contract Administration
    - Safety
    - Reporting

  • Project Management

    Project management is critical to any well-structured project. BV Power’s project managers work within a client’s organization to provide management and technical expertise. Our managers also provide due diligence services for early-stage, late-stage or operational project acquisition.

  • Preconstruction Management

    Preconstruction is the most critical phase of a development and construction project. Our team provides EPC RFP management, procurement support, cost estimating, and EPC contract negotiation. 

  • Project Scheduling

    Project scheduling sets the pace for the development of a project by providing stakeholders with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions about their investment. By relying on BV Power’s seasoned scheduling experts, costly construction delays will be avoided, and risks mitigated.

  • Engineering Design Review (OE, Technical Advisory)

    Our team of experienced engineers are often the last line of defense for a project owner. We ensure the EOR’s design is consistent with the performance specifications or approved 30% design package. We also check for code compliance and adherence to industry standards. Our reviews are timely, complete and coordinated.


    Bureau Veritas provides SCADA design and implementation support during the preconstruction and early construction phases of project development. We ensure OEM and station communications are NERC compliant and meet the future needs of the project owner as they scale up their operations.

  • Cybersecurity

    Bureau Veritas provides cybersecurity gap analysis, network design review and compliance consulting for renewable energy plants.

  • Procurement Support

    Bureau Veritas inspects factories on a global scale in the oil and gas, electronics and renewable energy sectors as part of its core business. 

Where We’ve Worked

Bureau Veritas has successfully managed and consulted on the construction of more than 90 solar, battery storage, wind and transmission projects throughout the United States. The following map is a visual representation of our footprint across North America.