Real Estate & Construction

Real Estate & Construction

As an owner, operator, or lender in the construction and real estate industry, you need to know whether you are making sound investments and have your real estate projects managed on time and on budget. At Bureau Veritas, we take real estate due diligence seriously. We have performed thousands of environmental site assessments and property condition assessments to ensure that your assets are well worth the investment. We provide project management, regulatory compliance, technical support, facility inspections, and a host of services related to real estate and construction due diligence.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I ESA) are an important risk management tool during commercial real estate transactions. Phase I ESAs are our core environmental expertise. BV fully understands how the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Report is used in the commercial and multi-family real estate industry. BV provides Phase I ESA reports throughout North America based commercial real estate lenders and those based outside of the U.S. 

Core Services for Construction Services
Real estate owners, retailers, commercial lenders, and government entities benefit largely from Bureau Veritas’ focus on accuracy, reliability, accountability, and timeliness in performing construction services. BV’s integrated and scalable operational processes and technologies offer consistent, accurate information. From paving evaluations to roof assessments and everything in between, BV’s services are performed by a national team with expertise in large-scale construction projects.

Scalable + Technical Resources
Our employees have a long-term relationship with us—the kind of relationship that ensures compliance with company procedures, standards, and policies. We are more accountable for the work we do.

Key benefits for the real estate & construction market

  • Wide-ranging real estate and construction industry expertise

  • Record of thousands of real estate assessments performed

  • National team of subject matter experts and project managers

  • Integrated and scalable operational processes and technologies

  • Efficient, cost-effective solutions and responsive service with quick turnaround