ChemoAlert is a surface sampling kit used by hospitals, pharmacies, infusion centers and anyone who handles chemotherapy drugs in the U.S. and Canada, to regularly test for drug residue. If gone unnoticed, workers may be exposed to antineoplastic drugs, which could be harmful to health over time. ChemoAlert was designed in compliance with USP <800> and NAPRA regulation, which drive the safe handling of hazardous drugs (HD) to help you safeguard your healthcare workers. To comply with these regulations, testing is recommended every 6 months in North America.

What does the ChemoAlert kit include?

The easy-to-use kit, proprietary to Bureau Veritas, includes everything you need to collect a viable HD sample: swabs, vials, templates, wetting agent, gloves and an ice pack to maintain sample integrity during shipping and storage. After collecting samples from typical workplace surfaces, the swabs must be shipped to our AIHA LAP, LLC accredited laboratory for analysis, with results available within 10 business days. Rush results can be requested as quickly as the same day.

What are typical areas that are sampled using ChemoAlert?

You can sample any workspace in a pharmacy, oncology clinic, infusion center, or hospital. Typical locations include benches, compounding areas, ante chambers, hoods, phones, balances, patient furniture, floors, bathroom facilities, cafeterias, and door handles.

Potential HD Contaminated Surfaces

Which hazardous drugs can be analyzed using ChemoAlert?

A single swab can detect up to 19 HDs, including platinum-containing drugs:











Etoposide Phosphate




Vinblastine Sulfate







As each kit includes 10 vials and swabs, you can detect a combination of up to 19 HDs across multiple surfaces using just one kit. With a detection limit of only 5 ng/sample, ChemoAlert also offers superior analytical sensitivity and specificity compared to similar products.

To utilize the ChemoAlert product, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Determine the number of locations and HDs for sampling.  Click here for analysis pricing information.

Step 2: Purchase the ChemoAlert kit by clicking on the Order Now button below.  The cost of the kit covers shipping and supplies needed.

Step 3: Once the kit is received, place the ice pack in the freezer and sample the locations using the provided wetting solvent and media.

Step 4: Pack up the samples, ice pack and Chain of Custody and send the cooler back to the lab using the prepaid shipping label.

Want to test for drugs that are not on the list? No problem. We have analytical methods available to test for 1000+ drugs individually, although some restrictions may apply. Please refer to our Pharmaceutical Fee Schedule for more information.

Download our instructions on how to sample or watch the video below. 

For questions or if you’re in need of further assistance, please call the lab at 847-726-3320.


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