Order Sampling Supplies Instantly Through the Customer Portal

Apr. 2 2020

The Customer Portal gives you the tools you need to instantly order or re-order your next set of pre-labeled sampling supplies online.

Easily place your order for sampling containers as you move through a familiar workflow that is consistent with eCOC templates and submissions. Orders can be created based on the tests you require or you can simply order bulk supplies. Keep in mind that ordering by test will allow you to quickly turn your order into a new eCOC template or submission. To save time, you can also create an order using an existing eCOC template or previous sample submission. This function allows you to re-order without having to enter all of your information again.

New orders can be created in just a few clicks by utilizing existing jobs, eCOC templates, or supply orders. All of your project details and tests will be pre-populated for you, so you can simply review the order and make any required changes. Our system will also determine the bottles you require based on the tests you have selected. If you are unsure of the test, simply enter the name in the Manual Test field under the Tests step. It’s that simple!

To save you some time in the field, you can even request custom labels with your order. You can choose whether to have the labels printed in a stack or adhered to your supplies. Labels can have as much or as little detail as you need pre-populated including your company and project information, sample IDs and sampling dates.

Additional items such as coolers, packing material, or bulk bottles can also be added to your cart within the Supplies step. If you frequently order the same bulk items, simply save them to your favourites by clicking on the red star. These items will be easily accessible on the Favourites page the next time you need to order.

The inline menu on the Supplies page allows you to share the order confirmation with your colleagues or to set up a new eCOC template or job ahead of your sampling event.

Order Sampling Supplies Instantly Through the Customer Portal - ordering portal

Visit the Customer Portal to order your next set of sampling supplies today – it’s only a few clicks away from delivery to your doorstep!