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SafeGuard Hygiene Excellence and Safety Label

Safely restarting businesses following the coronavirus pandemic requires a number of important considerations, particularly for organizations operating across multiple countries. To help ensure that your organization is compliant with safety standard, Bureau Veritas introduces its SafeGuardTM Hygiene Excellence and Safety Label. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic being brought under control and many countries easing lockdown measures, business owners, property managers, and employers are looking to the measures that need to be put in place to ensure a safe working and trading environment. Given that this virus is new and has had a devastating impact, many are finding themselves struggling to navigate the often conflicting advice..

Bureau Veritas, as a global leader in compliance, has established a SafeGuardTM Hygiene Excellence and Safety Label to help businesses reopen safely and certify establishments have met hygiene and sanitation standards. The Hygiene Excellence suite of services are compliant with local regulations, recognized industry best practices, and approved by leading epidemiologists. Partnering with our clients, there are five phases to receive this critical certification:  

  1. Detailed safety guides to mitigate and prevent risk
  2. Create communication/training kits to educate all employees on good hygiene practices and protocols (including e-Learning and other platforms)
  3. Voluntary application to earn BV’s SafeGuardTM Hygiene Excellence and Safety Label to demonstrate a business, building, or office is in compliance, thus providing an extra layer of assurance to the general public
  4. Complete initial audits of hygiene protocols and operational requirements, including surface testing. Upon approval, issuance of SafeGuardTM Label for display and entry to the public traceability portal
  5. Continue surveillance and unannounced auditing and testing to guarantee ongoing compliance

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