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Bureau Veritas Becomes the First Accredited Canadian Laboratory For Environmental DNA Testing

Aug. 21 2019

Accreditation is a Testament to Bureau Veritas' Commitment to Quality in Analytical Results

Bureau Veritas, a world-leader in testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) services, today announced it has met rigorous ISO 17025 standards to become the first Canadian laboratory to receive accreditation for eDNA testing from the Standards Council of Canada.

ISO 17025 requires laboratories to demonstrate that they are technically proficient, produce accurate results and adhere to a comprehensive quality management system. eDNA, a revolutionary method for conducting biological surveys, is the most recent addition to Bureau Veritas' extensive scope of ISO 17025 accredited tests.

Since 2017, Bureau Veritas has been working closely with leading eDNA researchers and practitioners in Canada to promote the adoption of sound eDNA practices, communicate transparent science and identify areas for standardization. Today, Bureau Veritas delivers high quality commercial eDNA testing that is poised to complement or replace conventional aquatic survey methods.

"We continue to focus on expanding our testing capabilities to meet the evolving needs of our clients in North America," said Natalia Shuman, Executive Vice President and CEO North America, Bureau Veritas. "Bureau Veritas is at the forefront of this exciting eDNA technology and commited to working with customers, regulators and stakeholders to advance the science and develop industry best practices."

Bureau Veritas has extensive experience with the analysis of DNA from around the globe and operates the largest commercial DNA testing centre in Canada, the first private Canadian forensic biology and DNA testing laboratory to be accredited by the Standards Council of Canada in 2000.

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