DS-1® Edition Updates

Register Your Standard

Why should I register my Standard?

By registering each volume of your Standard, you will receive:

  • Addendums, updates, and clarifications as they are published
  • Information on future editions

The Registration Form and Registration Number are included in the front of each volume. You may complete the form in your book, or DOWNLOAD the Registration form.  EMAIL the completed form to ds1@thhill.com. Alternatively, you may MAIL the form to:

Bureau Veritas
Attn:  Standards Registration
16800 Greenspoint Park Drive, Suite 300S, Houston, TX 77060

Guide to staying current:

First, determine which printing you have. This can be found at the bottom of the cover or on the title page. When a new printing is done, the previously issued addenda are incorporated into the manual.  Therefore, if you have a more recent printing, you would not need all of the addenda.

Standard TS-1™

The most recent edition of the Standard TS-1 is the First Edition.  There have not been any addendums issued to-date.

To automatically receive updates, be sure to Register Your Copy. To request an addendum, contact ds1@thhill.com.