Increase Foot Traffic at your Location with Pokémon GO!


We know you’ve heard about Pokémon GO from someone in your inner circle. While teenagers think it’s just a fun game, we have first-hand stories from our colleagues and clients that it is a revenue generator! 

“My daughter works for the local franchise of a national sandwich shop. Her district manager was looking into Pokéstops for all of his stores because another local franchise is near a Pokéstop. Someone threw a Lure at that location, and that location did an extra $1000 in sales that day, during off-peak hours!” – Friend of an employee

Are you ready to have little Pikachus in your facility, and a lot more foot traffic? From Lures to Pokéstops, keep reading to learn the valuable terms that can increase your sales. This blog will provide you tips and tricks to get you in the game and ensure you can handle all of that extra business with ease.

Get Started with Pokémon GO

We’ve done the research for you! Check out these quick reads from industry experts on the Pokémon GO craze. Stay ahead of your competition. From restaurants to gas stations, there’s room for everyone to participate:

Become a Pokéstop Marketing Machine

Now you know what Pokémon GO is, but you’re wondering what in the heck a Pokéstop is. It’s an important place in your city –historic landmark, art installation, etc. You can’t make your location a Pokéstop (only the game’s developers can do that)but you can use Lure Modules to entice players to a Pokéstop near your location. It’s a little bit of the “build it and they will come” philosophy.

This article from says it best,

“Try not to think of Pokémon GO players as a nuisance, but rather local shoppers who haven’t yet interacted with your business.”

Step 1: Talk to your Marketing department for ideas, and to request signage to place in your storefront, lobby, or sidewalk space or look to some of the major brands out there for tips on how to leverage this interactive game with increased off-peak sales.

Step 2: Find out if there is a Pokéstop near your retail location.

Step 3: Offer an incentive (a discount during your off-peak hours, free drink, free Wi-Fi, BOGO, etc.) to Pokémon GO players. They’ll then use a Lure Module on the Pokéstop near you. This attracts more catchable Pokémon characters near that location for 30 minutes at a time.

Step 4: Get busy serving your new customers!

Here’s a fun story from an employee who learned about the success of the Lure Module:

“A couple of weeks ago, three friends and I spent a long weekend in Del Mar, CA. Some kids, including the manager, from a national smoothie shop were handing out free samples on the beach. We started talking to them about their marketing efforts, and suggested making their location a Pokéstop. They said a nearby burger joint had done that by using Lure Modules and it was wildly successful at bringing in foot traffic—most of the Pokémon GO players purchased something!”

Bringing Together Generations

Grown-ups love Pokémon GO too! Did you know that the local watering hole is also seeing an increase in revenue? Adults who stay and play are ordering more drinks and food to collect more Pokémon, rather than staying for just the Happy Hour special.

Added Bonus: A Sense of Community

Pokémon GO is bringing together communities (and starting conversations at tradeshows). Website 12UP compiled this article which tells the story of the game bringing families together, raising the morale of hospitalized children, lifting the spirits of a veteran with PTSD, and more.

Make it Stop (Pokéstop)! Opting Out

Not up for huge crowds in your lobby or on your sidewalk? We all have our reasons. If your location is made a Pokéstop (remember, only the game developers can do this), and you do not want extra foot traffic, please see this article ( for details on how to request removal.

We don’t know how long this engaging craze will last, but here’s to hoping you are able to take advantage of the wanderers in your city. Not all who wander are lost. They might just be looking for your brand, and not even be aware of it. Help them find you!

Share Your Pokémon GO Stories

We’d love to hear from you! Share your stories or pictures. Let us know if you’ve had new customers engage with your brand just to catch imaginary critters.

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