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Creating a Comprehensive Facility Capital Improvement Plan

Set a Clear Path Forward with a Facility Condition Assessment (FCA)

Assembling your Capital Plan, sometimes referred to as a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), is an essential roadmap for Facility Managers to effectively predict and budget for required building repairs and component replacement over a fixed time. The process begins with these three steps:

Step One: Contract with a third-party vendor to conduct a Facility Condition Assessment (FCA).

We recommend that a third-party perform a Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) every five years to identify code issues, deferred maintenance, and required capital projects. Third-party firms conduct a pre-survey, draft pilot study reports, and then create an FCA that will include a database to track anticipated projects and to track funded and completed projects as well.

Benefits of a third-party FCA include:

  • Immediate needs breakdown
  • Compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Energy conservation opportunities
  • Data integration with your CMMS and CPMS

Download the Tip Sheet for a full list of FCA benefits.

Step Two:  Compile the FCA data

The collected data from an FCA are inputs to a simple math equation that allows Facility Managers to predict and budget for immediate and future repairs with ease. The goal is to gather this data in one place for review via a single lens.

  • FCA data is typically delivered via individual reports using a detailed assessment methodology examining: site and infrastructure, exterior and building envelope, roof and rooftop systems, interior, mechanical / MEP systems, and other components of each building/site.
  • Download the Tip Sheet to learn more about Step Two and the simple math equation.

Step Three:  Outline Your CIP. Your CIP should consist of the following elements:

*Download the tip sheet to see in-depth graphs and charts which illustrate comprehensive steps, systems, and services covered, and deliverables that are tied to the FCA process.

Tip: have a ranking system in place before the repair/replace list is compiled.

The repair/replace list will contain a mix of issues and priorities. Inevitably, it will contain more items than you can address with anticipated funding. A ranking system provides a means to prioritize the projects. Want additional information on creating a Capital Improvement Plan? We invite you to download our Tip Sheet below.

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