Structural Engineering

Project Maintenance

At Bureau Veritas, we are further optimized by providing staff fully trained to run your projects from the ground up whether help is needed in OperationsConstruction, or Facilities.  By focusing on the needs of our clients, who need an efficient and cost-effective project or temporary Project Management personnel support, we are able to provide solutions that go far beyond basic project management staffing.

With 2,500 project managers in the U.S. and Canada, we have local resources to support your changing business needs.

Deploying onsite construction cameras on projects.

  • Allows real-time visibility from a phone or computer 24/7
  • Provides historical project archive when you’re not able to visit the project in person

Digital plan review

The Bureau Veritas Team feels fortunate to be able to continue to support essential public safety during this critical time, while also doing our part to slow the spread of the COVID-19.

We will remain open for business and maintain high-quality service delivery to our clients and the communities they serve while ensuring deliverables arrive on time. With that said, our primary focus during this time is to keep our employees, clients, and community safe.

To accomplish this, and to ensure we do our part in slowing the transmission of COVID-19, I'm happy to share we are offering a way to submit plans online. Digital Plan Review uses software that presents customers with a convenient alternative to printing and delivering paper plans to Jurisdiction offices at zero cost.

Bureau Veritas has successfully implemented and utilized electronic plan review in over 60 federal, state, and local agencies for multiple years. If your jurisdiction is not using Digital Plan Review - Now is the opportunity to work with us towards going completely digital.

Introducing Bureau Veritas Enhanced Digital Plan Review Support
Our Enhanced Digital Plan Review process uses eplansoft software, a proven system accessible through the Internet. Customers who have a plan review going through the  online process will be able to see where their plans are in the review process, ask questions, receive comments, submit updates, and more. eplansoft accepts multiple file types, from AutoCAD to PDFs, Word and more.