Property Condition assessments (PCA)

Our FCA Helps Ann Arbor Public Schools

We were featured in a January 14, 2019 Michigan Live article "Up to $1 billion bond proposal could go before Ann Arbor Schools voters" by journalist Lauren Stringer. The article covered our work on an extensive and comprehensive Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) covering all 35 facilities in Ann Arbor Public Schools.

The data compiled in our FCA provides the backup needed to successfully complete a bond campaign for the district. Additionally, our study helped demonstrate that Ann Arbor's sinking fund is set to run short within the next five (5) years. The details are found in the comprehensive data sets compiled into a Facility Condition Index (FCI) for each facility assessed.

"Bureau Veritas rated each building as good, fair, poor, critical or divest, where needed investment exceeds half of the property’s value. The average age of AAPS buildings is 63 years old." - Michigan Live

To understand the complexity of an FCA, we invite you to view the 96-page Facilities Infrastructure Condition Assessment presented to the Board of Education on December 19, 2018. 

Looking to get started on your FCA? Use a third-party vendor.

We recommend a third-party perform a Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) every five years to identify code issues, deferred maintenance, and required capital projects. Third-party firms conduct a pre-survey, draft pilot study reports, and then create an FCA that will include a database to track anticipated projects and to track funded and completed projects as well.

Benefits of a third-party FCA include:

  • Immediate needs breakdown
  • Compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Energy conservation opportunities
  • Data integration with your CMMS and CPMS

Complimentary Resources for FCAs and Capital Planning

As part of an overall Facility Capital Plan, we created several complementary tip sheets, webinars, and templates to help school districts and other institutions begin the process. Check them out here or on our Resource Center.

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