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High Risk- Immediate Action Suggested

As you move forward with your operations, we recommend a review of current hygiene & safety protocols with a consultant who will compare your procedures with Bureau Veritas’ general hygiene excellence guidelines and work together to adjust as needed. Once a guideline is created a toolkit should be prepared to raise awareness of new protocols to all the stakeholders including eLearning, facilitate training, presentations, videos, and print material. Once these two actions are completed conducting the audit and granting the label are more likely to be successful allowing you to promote your compliance on public platforms.

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Bureau Veritas will review any existing hygiene guides you have and compare them with our Bureau Veritas’ SafeGuardTM hygiene excellence and safety guidelines. The hygiene guidelines must ensure compliance with good hygiene practices, social distancing, and all other recommendations of local authorities and appropriate regulations in place at the time of the audit to control the spread of COVID-19. Working together with our clients, Bureau Veritas can also help customize hygiene and safety guidelines specific to your business.


We offer toolkits to help our customers effectively communicate and raise awareness of new hygiene protocols to all stakeholders of your business. This includes eLearning modules for your employees through a web portal where employees must receive a passing grade. The toolkit also includes hygiene best practice presentations, videos, and print material.


To help our clients ensure compliance of their hygiene protocols, Bureau Veritas offers remote audits and/or field audits for specified locations. Bureau Veritas will complete the initial audit of hygiene protocols and operational requirements against our hygiene guidelines. We also offer additional services to ensure compliance which include, surface testing and unannounced ‘secret’ shopper visits.


This is an opportunity to achieve the coveted Bureau Veritas SafeGuardTM Hygiene Excellence and Safety Label or design your own label​ with dedicated branding to show 3rd party compliance with best in class hygiene and safety guidelines. Each property is granted the label after achieving a successful audit performed by an expert Bureau Veritas hygiene and safety auditor. This solution also gives you access to a digital dashboard where you are able to view the status of your sites being audited and review audit reports.


We promote our partners who have achieved the Bureau Veritas SafeGuardTM Hygiene Excellence and Safety Label through our public facing SafeGuardTM traceability website. Brands that have achieved the label have the opportunity to be included on our official external website, boasting the compliance of all hygiene and safety protocol to visiting and potential patrons. The featured data will be available for you to easily connect your systems, allowing you to use the information on your own websites or applications.

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