Fundamentals of Environmental Sampling Training Program

Fundamentals of Environmental Sampling Training Program

Annually held by Bureau Veritas Laboratories locations across Canada, Fundamentals of Environmental Sampling is an introductory training course developed for junior to intermediate environmental staff, and anyone interested in a refresher on practices and procedures for representative sample collection.

The program provides theoretical and hands-on training on key stages in the lifecycle of an analytical project from a field perspective. It includes:

  1. Project Planning 
  2. Sample Collection Procedures
  3. Sample Submission

The content is delivered by Bureau Veritas Laboratories, in a mixed-style combining classroom with outdoor hands-on training, followed by a guided tour of our local environmental testing laboratory.

Participants will receive training on:

  • Regulatory requirements and industry best practices for the development of analytical project plans, as well as sample collection techniques
  • How to collect representative environmental samples
  • Impact of sampling technique to data quality
  • How to properly collect soil and water matrix samples, including F1/BTEX in soils, VOCs in water, metals in water (dissolved phase) and F2-F4 hydrocarbons in soil
  • How to properly fill out a Chain of Custody
  • How to properly pack a cooler and submit samples to the laboratory


  • To build a strong foundation of skills; the content addresses the “how” but also, very importantly”, the “why”
  • To receive hands-on training; the theory may be easy to follow but the practical portion in an outdoor environment setting is most effective at delivering the take-home messages
  • To absorb condensed material, delivered in a format that makes it easy to remember
  • To learn from qualified and experienced instructors in the field of site assessment and remediation
  • This is one of the only training programs tailored specifically for environmental field staff