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Healthcare Commissioning is a process that is integrated with the design, construction, and post-occupancy phases of both new construction and renovation of existing facilities. 

Healthcare Commissioning is a process that is integrated with the design, construction, and post-occupancy phases of both new construction and renovation of existing facilities. At BV the purpose of our commissioning program is to aid in the development of new or renovated facilities and the oversight of continual commissioning, to ensure that the design intent is consistent with the owner’s project requirements. 

BV will ensure that the building systems provided, are installed and perform in accordance with the design intent and that operations and maintenance staff are properly trained to operate and maintain the healthcare facility in an optimal manner.

BV's Critical Facility Commissioning Services: Customized Solutions for Healthcare Facilities.
In today’s dynamic healthcare landscape, BV proudly stands as your unwavering partner, assuring that both new construction and major renovations adhere to the utmost standards of performance, safety, and efficiency. 

In the realm of healthcare facility construction, renovation & ongoing commissioning, a robust commissioning process is essential to mitigating risk related to patient safety, and to providing a healing environment for patients, employees, and visitors. The Joint Commission recognizes the value of this process and uses specific commissioning guidelines in energy and construction codes to determine the accreditation of hospitals.

BV's commitment to healthcare facilities extends beyond the completion of construction; our ongoing commissioning service acts as a vital extension to facility management. We are dedicated to maintaining an energy-efficient and comfortable healing environment for occupants, addressing day-to-day operational challenges, and proactively preparing for future uncertainties throughout the entire lifecycle of your facility.

BV Solutions for New Construction and Major Renovations:

At Bureau Veritas, we deliver specialized whole-building commissioning services meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of healthcare facilities, recognizing their status as mission-critical establishments. Our comprehensive offerings underscore quality assurance, quality control, and energy efficiency, empowering clients to realize their project aspirations and sustainability objectives.

Our proficient team collaborates intimately with clients to devise and execute bespoke commissioning plans that tackle their specific challenges head-on. By channeling our focus on quality assurance and control, we guarantee that buildings operate at optimal levels, amplifying occupant comfort and safety. Through rigorous testing and analysis, we pinpoint areas ripe for enhancement, furnishing clients with practical recommendations to boost energy efficiency, trim costs, and foster a more sustainable future.

BV Solutions for Existing Healthcare Facilities:

BV's ongoing commissioning services extend across multiple years, ensuring sustained support for refining your facility’s performance and instigating continuous improvements. We adeptly navigate day-to-day operational challenges and the intricacies of adapting to new regulations. By meticulously analyzing your facility’s performance data and trends, and leveraging our commissioning-based facility assessment initiative, our experts can unveil numerous improvements—many of which incur minimal or no costs. Armed with this knowledge, we provide practical recommendations to heighten efficiency, ultimately diminishing costs and propelling your facility toward a greener, more sustainable horizon.

Enhanced Commissioning Service Process for New Healthcare Facility Development
Plan & Design Phases
  • Review the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR), Basis of Design (BOD)
  • SD / DD / CD Design Reviews
  • Developing and implementing Cx plan
  • Incorporate Cx Requirements into Project Documents
Construction & Acceptance Phases
  • Project Meetings
  • Review Contractor Submittals
  • Develop Construction Checklists
  • Site Visits
  • Develop System Test Procedure(s)
  • Equipment Start-ups
  • Verify System Test Execution
  • Maintain Issues Log
Occupancy Phase
  • Systems Manual
  • Training Requirements
  • Final Commissioning Report
  • 10-Month Post-Occupancy Review
Transform Your Healthcare Facility with BV:

Are you poised to elevate your healthcare facility’s performance, slash costs, and champion a sustainable future? Engage with BV today to discover how our commissioning services can bolster your capital planning endeavors and drive operational excellence. Together, let’s forge ahead to create healthcare environments that are not only safer and more efficient but also resoundingly sustainable.

Here at BV, we can help healthcare facilities with remedies and prescribed solutions for appropriate HFCx scopes at the inception of any construction or renovation projects. In addition, ensure the ongoing commissioning of your utilities and demand flow is as efficient as possible.  Reach out to learn more about how this can reduce your bottom-line profitability, and support the top-line efforts of capital planning.