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Softline Testing

Consumer expectations are complex and ever-changing, particularly within a fast-moving clothing, footwear and home textiles market. Manufacturers and retailers want confidence that their products meet the high standards of safety and government regulations.

Bureau Veritas takes a proactive approach by evaluating and testing designs before production to meet both national and international standards. This includes assessing fiber properties, flammability, abrasion resistance, pilling, and colorfastness. From denim to damask, we’ve got everything covered.

Our Softline Testing confirms that products:

  • Meet regulatory requirements for each distribution country
  • Minimize the risk of recalls, returns and complaints
  • Enhance risk management and brand protection

Product Spotlight

  • Apparel


    several, different colored fleece jackets hanging up

    Consumer expectations are complex and ever-changing, particularly within a fast-moving industry such as the clothing and textiles market. Meanwhile, manufacturers and retailers want absolute confidence that their products meet the high standards of safety and government regulations.  Achieving these objectives is crucial to avoid the risk of poor reputation, clothing returns and product recalls, due to avoidable issues such as poor quality or non-compliance.

    At Bureau Veritas, our in-depth process for apparel and textiles include:

    • Product evaluation at development and pre-production stages
    • Testing to national and international standards
    • Assessments for regulatory and safety compliance
    • Product evaluation for appearance, quality control and performance
    • Technical support network to answer questions, interpret results; and help to manage your quality assurance program
    • Defect analysis of customer complaint items or manufacturing defects
    • Comparative analysis of own-brand products with the competition
    • Design evaluations regarding particular design concerns, or applicable regulatory and safety requirements

  • Performance Textiles

    Performance Textiles

    person wearing sports bra and leggings sitting against a grey wall

    At Bureau Veritas, we provide a variety of functional test methods to validate the performance factors of textiles labelled as active, sports or workout wear that the product is fit for purpose and will provide the wearer with the protection and performance claims that the product is designed for:

    • Moisture Management
    • Water Proof / Water Resistance
    • Water Vapor Permeability / Breathability
    • Thermal Resistance
    • Ultraviolet Protection
    • Air Permeability / Wind Proof / Wind Resistance
    • Anti-bacterial

  • Soft Home

    Soft Home

    stack of pillows and blankets

    Consumers are demanding new features in their bedding that require an extra level of testing. Here are some bedding trends and the Bureau Veritas solutions to verify claims, manage the risk of returns and recalls, and protect your brand.

    • Chemical Testing: Formaldehyde, pH, CA Prop 65
    • Fit Testing
    • Thread Count & Fiber Content Analysis
    • Waterproof Claims
    • Moisture Management / Quick Dry / Cooling

  • Footwear


    close up of person tying a pair of cream sneakers

    Protecting brand equity and reputation while validating product quality, performance characteristics and durability are traditionally prime concerns for footwear retailers and brands.

    Bureau Veritas is ideally positioned to assist retailers, brands, manufacturers and importers to improve speed to market, reduce total cost of quality while complying with safety, performance and in some instances conformance (wireless) criteria in this challenging footwear industry.

    We offer a wide range of testing services to verify the quality of your products, including Performance and Chemical Testing.

  • Hospitality


    bath towels rolled up on a hotel bed

    In today’s highly complex and changing marketplace, owners, operators, suppliers, and manufacturers in the hospitality industry need to be confident that products meet customer expectations along with the required safety, regulatory and government standards globally. 

    Non-compliance can run the risk of enforcement under various national, state, or municipal laws. Poor quality products can result in customer dissatisfaction, hazard, and injury. Both can negatively impact brand image.

    Testing can determine if products comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards, if products are manufactured to specification, how the products perform against a set of established criteria, and how different suppliers’ products perform against one another.

    Customizing an appropriate testing program for your products can provide you with the ability to better manage risk and protect your company’s brand.

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