Metals and Minerals Inspection and Analysis

Metals and Minerals 

Bureau Veritas provides a broad range of independent inspection and testing services within the metals and minerals industry.  We help our clients reduce risk and facilitate the smooth transaction of physical commodities through the provision of independent and accurate data. We do this by ensuring integrity and quality through our inspection/assay services.  Our experts have industry experience across the entire life cycle from the early-stage exploration through trading to smelting and recycling.  


On top of having dedicated BV employees at every major refinery in the world inspecting our customer’s lots, BV has an array of internationally recognized, strategically placed laboratories throughout the world. Our main laboratories, in Witham UK and Reno NV, provide analytical
assay/umpire and party assay services for the precious metal industries worldwide. Some of the services include:

  • Single Party assays for PGM content and assay exchanges
  • Umpire arbitration between customers and refiners
  • LOI (loss of ignition) and


BV proudly serves our global and local partners by providing independent PGM bar auditing and inspection at custodian bullion vaults worldwide. BV auditors verify:

  • Bar quantity
  • Bar weight and preliminary scan confirming purity
  • Confirm bar markings detailed by the customer and custodian vault
  • Storage conditions including packaging quality


BV provides comprehensive PGM services to ensure the quality and accuracy of your catalyst. Our expert team offers on site evaluation for various types of ceramic and metal catalysts including:

  • Verifying raw material delivery
  • Weighting and decanning
  • Milling
  • Sampling


Our team of experienced auditors and inspectors provide peace of mind by witnessing:
• Logistics confirming the package and seal are intact monitoring raw material delivery
• Lot Integrity, confirming incoming and post-melt/processing weights of your PGM material from start to finish
• Smelting, sampling, assaying, refining
• Stockpile & Warehouse Inspection
• Moisture Determination

PGM bearing materials are complex and require a 3rd party inspection company
ensuring the execution of industry standards and the agreed upon terms. BV
is your eye in the sky helping eliminate human error and confirming all agreed
upon T&Cs have been followed. Letting BV witness your lot helps customers
realize the full value of each lot sent in for refining. BV auditing and inspection
services confirm your inventory thresholds.

Petrochemical Catalysts

BV provides a reliable, cost-effective way to monitor the re-claim process and sample your fresh and spent petro catalysts. We provide sampling supervision at all petrochemical manufacturers and refining companies around the world. With our expertise in sampling all types of catalysts, including isomerization and reforming catalysts, BV assures that your catalysts are sampled properly providing accurate assay results.


Our team of experts provide supervision and 3rd party analysis for catalysts in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry including Vinyl Acetate Monomer catalysts and Hydrogenation catalysts. On your behalf, BV will supervise the sampling of your catalysts for Pt & Pd while taking an independent sample to BV’s laboratory for analysis.

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