Laboratory Partnership Services


Case  Study- Laboratory Partnership Services 

Jan. 3 2020

Our client, one of the largest oil producers in North America, operated a large, aged oilfield site utilizing legacy practices to monitor plant water processing operations. The site is located in the Canadian Oilsands and the average production per day is 150,000 BOE, requiring significant oilfield produced water management and processing. Process failures occurred often and site reliability was inconsistent, affecting the client’s ability to produce product. The site processed produced oil field water utilizing a multi-step process which involved separation, lime softening, cation removal and finally polishing for boiler feed grade water. The site safety, business and operational risk was high due to the potential of low-grade water entering the onsite boilers. Not meeting the required boiler feed benchmark would initially create notable waste and process plugging and if left unchecked, would cause critical failure of the infrastructure.

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