Case Study - Cargo Additives Treatment

Jan. 1 2020

A customer in the Gulf of Mexico contacted Bureau Veritas for a consult regarding a ship that was loaded with gasoline which had not been thoroughly cleaned prior to loading. The previous load was a heavy black oil. Although the storage tanks onboard the ship had been cleaned, the discharge lines were not. As a result, over 25,000 barrels of gasoline were offloaded from the vessel that was contaminated with the black oil. The ship offloading was ceased until a plan could be developed that could reduce the gasoline contamination. The inspection company that was working on this cargo was unable to develop a plan to address the gasoline contamination. The customer reached out to the Bureau Veritas Fuel Additives Team to determine a pathway that could be used to clean the lines onboard the ship without contaminating the remaining 500,000+ barrels of gasoline.

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