Leak Detection & Repair

Leak Detection & Repair

The identification of the exact sources of emissions can be time-consuming, costly and disruptive to the production processes at petroleum refineries, oil and gas production facilities, chemical, and pharmaceutical plants. Our team of professional, trained technical experts are able to efficiently identify the exact sources of emissions in a cost-effective manner using optical gas imaging and infrared thermography.

In addition, the Bureau Veritas LDAR program in Canada was developed in accordance with various provincial and federal regulations, including AER Directive 060, AER Directive 084, BC Oil & Gas Commission guidelines, and the Regulations Respecting Reduction in the Release of Methane and Certain Volatile Organic Compounds (Upstream Oil and Gas Sector) (SOR/2018-66).

Leak Detection & Repair Services:

  • Expertise in air regulatory requirements
  • Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) program development
  • Smart LDAR: Drones, IR, FLIR, OGI, OOOOA, Monitoring, El Paso Method, Tank
  • Fugitive Emission Management Program (FEMP) development
  • 3D Digital P&ID Solutions
  • Inventory and Tagging, utilizing proprietary management software
  • Advanced Emission Detection using optical gas imaging and infrared technology (FLIR GF 320, fully equipped with GPS and GCI)
  • Steam Trap Monitoring
  • Fenceline Monitoring for EPA 325A and 325B compliance
  • Acoustic Flow Monitoring
  • Emission Consulting Services
  • Integrated solution for bolted joints management