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A drill string structural failure can occur due to something as simple as choosing the wrong connection. Therefore, mechanical design assessments are an essential part of providing optimal solutions for complex drilling issues. The Bureau Veritas in-house engineering team provides consulting services to ensure drill string structural integrity no matter the conditions. We have conducted thousands of engineering analyses, and our comprehensive models are being used successfully in many of the worlds’ most technically challenging wells. With over 25 years of experience analyzing drill string components, designing BHAs, and evaluating the factors that can lead to failure, Bureau Veritas is uniquely placed to provide engineering recommendations to drilling operations that will lead to overall success, no matter the level of difficulty involved.

Engineering services include:

  • Drill string structural design analysis
  • Drill string optimization
  • BHA design and analysis
  • C-Fat inspection scheduling (using the DS-1 damage point approach)
  • Landing string and slip crushing analysis
  • Heave induced dynamic load analysis
  • FEA and tool design review
  • Casing wear analysis
  • Stuck pipe analysis
  • Drilling failure analysis and prevention
  • Custom Standards & quality plans (using API and DS-1 provisions)
  • Tubular manufacturing support
  • D&C engineering support


Premium Drillstring Toolbox App

Drill string Toolbox App

Our Drillstring Toolbox app runs on iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™ devices.


  • Makeup torque for API drill stem connections
  • Tensile capacity for drill stem connections
  • Tensile and torsion capacity for typical sizes, weights, and grades of drill pipe tubes

Premium Drill string Toolbox App

The Premium Drillstring Toolbox app also runs on Android™ devices—iPhone and iPad apps are under development.

It does everything the regular version does, plus:

  • Allows you to change the makeup torque to see how the performance of the connection is affected
  • Provides the seal stress in the connection, which can be adjusted with different makeup torques and bevel diameters
  • Provides the ability to customize tubes to determine their tensile and torsional capacities
  • Shows a combined load curve that can be used to optimize makeup torques
  • Emails load curves to any contact