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  • project homekey
    California Project Homekey. Housing the Homeless.
    California’s $600MM program, “Project Homekey”, is placing an immediate focus on housing the State’s homeless when they need it most. The program will fund the conversion of a variety of housing types, including (but not limited to) hotels, motels, vacant apartment buildings, and residential care facilities into interim or permanent, long-term housing for the homeless.
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    May. 1 2020 - Erik Pillar
  • On Time Portfolios
    CRE Owners and Developers: Critical Areas To Watch in 2019
    Ron Stupi is President of Bureau Veritas Building and Infrastructure, which is the country’s largest technical assessment and project management enterprise in the commercial and government-owned real estate sectors.

    As investors and developers in CRE and infrastructure plan for 2019, which issues and trends should they be examining today?

    Finding ways to improve asset performance is every investor’s golden fleece, starting from the design stage, through technical inspections during construction, to the time environmental and technical evaluations are made prior to a potential sale.
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    Sep. 20 2019 - Ron Stupi
  • Capital Plan Project
    Creating a Timeline and Budget For Your Capital Planning Process
    Do you want your Capital Plan approved? In this blog, we will move your organization one step closer to that goal! Our last blog, Score Big with Your Capital Plan presented steps to create a scoring system to rank your Capital Projects. With a scoring strategy in place, your next step is to set a razor sharp schedule and budget to move forward. Adding these two tactical elements to your capital plan document helps bring it to life and enables your stakeholders to quickly assess whether the plan is practical and will be successful. We've organized our advice into 6 helpful tips.
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    Sep. 19 2019