In a Hurry? BV on the Go!

Sep. 13 2019

It’s 4:17pm on a Thursday and, after spending 45 minutes in slow moving traffic, you’re finally pulling into the Bureau Veritas Laboratories’ facility to drop off the groundwater samples you just collected. The weather outside is beautiful and the sun is shining bright – a great day for sampling which means a busy day at the lab!  As you’re driving up the ramp to the parking lot, old memories of crammed parking lots come to mind and you start to worry that you won’t make it out in time to get to your next appointment: a family dinner. To your surprise and delight, you see 4 oversized, empty parking spots marked “VIP – For Customers Only.” Breathing a sigh of relief, you are  pleased to know that Bureau Veritas anticipated your “parkxiety” and designed an experience that would help make your day that much easier.

If this scenario sounds familiar to you, then you’ve recently visited our Montreal facility which launched our new “BV on the Go” program on June 3rd. The next phase of this program will allow customers to call a designated phone number prior to their arrival at the lab. They will then be greeted by a parking lot attendant clearly identified by their Bureau Veritas red shirts and caps. These “BV on the Go” Care Custodians will help to load and/or unload your coolers. Of course, they’ll do it with a smile and provide refreshments to help recharge your energy levels so you can move on to your next task.

This is one of several programs to look forward to as Bureau Veritas continues to implement new customer experiences that make working with us easier. We aim to generate a positive emotional experience and help our customers be more successful.

We are grateful for all of your feedback to date and encourage you to keep the dialogue open! Contact us