Bureau Veritas Champions Leave Their Mark

Apr. 6 2020

In late 2019, Bureau Veritas launched a new set of core values to better reflect who we are: trusted, responsible, ambitious & humble, open & inclusive. Two employees at our Burnaby laboratory in British Columbia recently demonstrated these values by being fearless and confident in their drive to exceed expectations and lead by example.

David Huang - National Canadian Bridge Championship

The Canadian Bridge Championships are team-based competitions among members of the Canadian Bridge Federation. There are several regional and national competitions held each year. During the 2019 national championship, David Huang’s team earned a spot in the final round, winning by a very tight margin and taking home the gold! Bridge requires strong partnerships and intense concentration; both key components to David’s success. Congratulations, David!

Patricia Caines–BMO Vancouver Marathon

The BMO Vancouver Marathon is a scenic and prestigious race that takes runners on a 42.2km (26.2 mile) adventure. It is one of the most challenging events in endurance athletics as it helps qualify candidates for the Boston Marathon. To succeed in the marathon, a runner must possess a great deal of aerobic strength as well as a healthy dose of physical and mental endurance. Our very own Patricia Caines completed this top-destination marathon, and we are inspired by her accomplishment!

Bureau Veritas embraces employees who embody our values and leave their mark in shaping society across all of our businesses.