Structural Engineering

Resident Engineering

Through our Resident Engineering Division, we provide engineers who are assigned to oversee either a specific project or work within an organization for a designated time frame for clients requiring a dedicated resource. Resident Engineers are able to supervise the planning, coordination, and implementation of a variety of construction ventures, including energy planning and retrofit, structural and civil engineering, as well as Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) projects. Our team is able to provide high-quality oversight of staff and subcontractors in addition to in-depth status reports to our clients. We ensure projects adhere to plans and regulations as well as adhere to proper safety measures.

Resident Engineering Services:

  • Manage construction project oversight
  • Provide project planning and implementation
  • Implement best practices 
  • Manage staff and subcontractor teams
  • Confirm utilization of appropriate safety gear
  • Ensure teams adhere to required milestones
  • Address technical issues
  • Oversee compliance
  • Provide project evaluations