Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging with Bureau Veritas

BVNA has developed a best-in-class Electric Vehicle Charging team and continues to invest heavily to be a preferred strategic partner of Electric Vehicle Charging deployments worldwide. Click here to read our Case Study for Electrify America!

Bureau Veritas continues to evaluate clients’ evolving needs and provide professional design, project management, and construction consulting for EV Charging and any other needs you might have. We offer Turnkey installs, warranty walks, testing & verification, and routine maintenance inspections. Please click on the images below to learn more!  Links to some of our services include:

Click below to discover more about what BV can do for you to help with your EV Charging needs!

  • Turnkey Installs

    BV  offers Turnkey construction and installation for your EV project. Our solutions drastically simplify EV projects for all types of EV owner.  


    Once your project is near completion, we will walk through the project sites with you to help you learn about maintenance and upkeep responsibilities that are very important to the lifecycle of your EV Charging facility. 


    Once your site is close to completion, BV will complete a Go-Back Program where we'll ensure your equipment is running well, that equipment is explained; we'll go over each detail until you're comfortable and understand warranty and post-warranty and regular maintenance details. 


    BV Is here to that your EV Charging stations can pass all testing and verification to ensure the continued adoption of electric vehicles, a seamless charging experience with any vehicle and supply equipment is important. For this reason, strict standard conformance is at the core to achieve seamless interoperability of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), vehicles, and back-office systems.


    At BV, our teams can help you ensure that your EV charging station equipment is always up to date and up to code, machinery in heavy usage areas needs post-install maintenance to ensure it's operating at optimal capacity. BV can ensure that your routine maintenance needs are taken care of. 


    At BV, we know that Fleet managers face challenges in electrifying their fleet. Bureau Veritas can offer the support needed for the deployment of EV charging infrastructure, provide incentives, and upgrade the grid to handle the additional electric load. BV helps to find solutions to maximize utilization and minimize costs to operate and monitor the fleet of EVs. 

The many steps that need to take place to have EV charging stations