On-Demand Videos

On-Demand Videos

Technical Webinars

In an effort to reach a wider audience and deliver valuable technical training, Bureau Veritas has developed a series of new webinars. These webinars are delivered in a setting that allows participants to interact with the presenter, through polling questions, content inquiries, as well as access to supporting and reference technical documentation. Each participant is provided a certificate of completion, which can be used towards professional credits, and a summary of the Q&A session.

Elemental Analysis by Neutron Activation Ultratrace Metals Analyses

La Conservation des COV dans le méthanol sur le terrain (in French only)

Total Organofluorine (TOF) Analysis: The BIG Picture in PFAS Testing Environmental DNA (eDNA) Dioxins
Understanding and Testing for Radioactivity PFAS 2018: The Current State of the Science Crystalline Silica
PFAS Levels in Fish Changing Effluent Regulations In Canada: Helping Mine Sites Reach new Limits

Asbestos Testing and Sample Submission

O.Reg 406/19 Excess Soils: Sampling, Analysis and Standards Environmental Toxicity Testing

Air and Gas Collection Methods

Hydrocarbon Forensics: Part 1 Soil Vapour Collection

Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons

Hydrocarbon Forensics: Part 2 Pesticides: An Overview of Environmental ImpaCT IH Lab Services
Hydrocarbon Forensics: Part 3