Are You Monitoring An Active Mine Site Or Involved In A Closure?

From exploration through to processing and closure or reclamation, accurate, timely and ultra-low level analytical analyses are essential to mine operations. Our clients rely on Bureau Veritas to help them meet regulatory requirements, such as the MDMER, and manage costs. We have been providing testing and scientific expertise in acid rock drainage, radioactivity and trace element analysis, ecotoxicology, and environmental chemistry for more than 35 years.

  • Acid Rock Drainage

    Laboratory Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) prediction tests are used to determine the most appropriate disposal options for waste rock and tailings in order to minimize environmental impact.

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  • Ecotoxicology

    Ecotoxicology Is The Study Of The Effects Of Toxic Chemicals On Biological Organisms

    Ecotoxicology is essential for evaluating the effects of industrial processes on the environment. Bureau Veritas operates three dedicated ecotoxicology laboratories in Canada. Our team of experts has experience conducting toxicity testing using more than 25 different species of bacteria, algae, plants, invertebrates and fish. Our goal is to be your first choice for both routine and customized toxicity testing programs for evaluation of effluents, sediment, soil, and chemical substances.

    Our team of ecotoxicologists provides services ranging from permit bioassay to compliance with MDMER to projects requiring customized experimental design and interpretive toxicology reporting.


  • Environmental Chemistry

    Bureau Veritas Provides Comprehensive Environmental Testing To Support The Mining Lifecycle From Exploration To Closure And Reclamation

    Bureau Veritas provides analytical support for routine and baseline water quality monitoring work, and determining levels of metals, inorganic and organic contamination in animal and plant tissue, soil and surface and groundwater samples. Environmental chemistry services include:

    • Deleterious substances
    • Effluent analysis as per the Metal and Diamond Mining Effluent Regulations (MDMER)
    • Routine water quality monitoring including permit stations, wastewater treatment plant (effluent/influent), tailings pond characterization, and monitoring wells
    • Soil and water analysis in support of baseline monitoring projects
    • Ultratrace metals analysis
    • Specialized studies in mercury and selenium, in water and in fish tissue
  • Exploration Geochemistry

    Bureau Veritas Offers The Widest Array Of Multi-element Packages To Suit The Needs And Budgets Of All Exploration Teams

    Exploration geochemistry analysis typically consists of two stages - the first, comprising extraction of the desired elements followed by the second stage of element determination by instrumental analysis. Extraction can be partial to measure only non-resistive elements of interest or the extraction can be total to measure the total abundance of the elements from all minerals in the sample.

    Another technique, Neutron Activation Analysis, omits the first (extraction) stage of analysis, achieving referee accuracy total analysis with no sample preparation.

    Our laboratories are renowned for the use of cutting edge technologies to obtain the low levels of detection needed to meet exploration geochemical requirements.

    Our services include:

    • Aqua Regia Digest ICP
    • Fusion Techniques
    • General Chemistry
    • Laser Ablation ICP-MS
    • Lithogeochemistry
    • Mixed Acid Digest ICP
    • Neutron Activation Analysis
    • Vegetation Analysis
    • XRF
  • Metallurgy/Mineralogy

    Mineralogical Studies Are Critical To Successful Geological Exploration And The Processing Of Ores

    Our metallurgical division offers a full range of services from the early exploration phase through scoping, pre-feasibility, and feasibility studies for process development and flowsheet design including larger-scale continuous pilot plant operation. Our experience includes evaluation of precious metals, base metals and industrial minerals, environmental concerns and production aspects, using both conventional and newly developed technologies.

    We provide Mineralogical packages including:

    • Bulk Mineralogical Analysis (BMA)
    • Particle Mineralogical Analysis (PMA)
    • Trace Mineral Search (TMS)
    • FieldScan (FS) using QEMSCAN
    • MLA Express and optical mineralogy for both thin and polished sections
  • Mine Site Services

    Bureau Veritas Minerals Provides Customized Mine Site Laboratory Services Supported By Our Global Network Of Professionals

    Our goal is to provide you with a solution that meets your project needs, ranging from a remote mobile prep laboratory to a full service analytical laboratory at the mine. All labs meet the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and use validated methods and processes which comply with global OH&S standards. As we are the global leader in analytical geochemistry, we will provide you with a customized lab that will minimize costs and liability so your focus can be on mining and exploration.

    Our services include:

    • Supply of customized onsite laboratories (sample prep lab, containerized lab or full service lab);
    • Provision of analysis methodologies, safety manuals & maintenance guides;
    • Procurement of all general laboratory equipment and consumables;
    • Training and onsite support of laboratory staff by qualified Bureau Veritas staff;
    • Outsourced management of client site laboratories;
    • Auditing of laboratory operating procedures and management systems;
    • Inspection, testing & certification of mechanical equipment;
    • General safety and operational training of all mine site staff.

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