Fuel Additive Services

Fuel Additive Services

The Petroleum Industry, from Wellhead to End User, faces ever-increasing pressure to deliver cleaner, more economical solutions. This must be accomplished while meeting regulatory and environmental requirements. The globalization of the industry has placed demands on suppliers to not only meet local in-country requirements but many times to be able to customize fuels for the international markets. All of the challenges must be met with safety as the #1 priority while utilizing existing assets.

Fuel additives provide maximum profitability by increasing the market value of petroleum products.  Verifying and maintaining product quality is essential in the petroleum industry.  Bureau Veritas provides full-service analytical laboratory services to ensure that your products meet the required specifications; however, if you do have concerns with any of your products our team of experts is standing by to determine what product should be used, the volume, and the correct procedures to ensure product quality.

Whether on-shore, off-shore, or in-transit, our mission is to provide operationally superior, cost-effective, and timely treatment services. Our clients include refiners, traders, terminals, and pipeline companies.

When providing fuel additives, Bureau Veritas realizes exactly how critical quality specifications are to our customers, and can provide cost-effective, one-stop-shop, quality solutions for terminal, pipeline as well as marine cargoes.  Our treatment services provide you the assurance that your product quality meets specifications, protects your bottom line, and reduce corrosion for your infrastructure.

Additive services are available for:

  • Crude Oil
  • Jet Fuel
  • Biodiesels
  • Distillates
  • Vacuum Gas Oil
  • H2S Scavengers
  • Fuel Oil
  • and more
  • Gasoline

Benefits of Bureau Veritas Additive Services:

  • Superior solutions supported by our world-class laboratories
  • Timely dispatch of equipment, chemicals, and staff in major port
  • Treatment recommendations supported by Laboratory Bench Testing
  • Remote solutions where sales specifications are critical
  • Unlock the hidden profits vs. trading marginal product
  • Ability to treat off-shore when lay time is critical
  • Support with Regulatory Compliance and International Restrictions
Test Method
Crude Oil
Fuel Oil
Gasoil / ULSD
Bio Diesel
Jet Fuel
Pour Point
ASTM  D97, ASTM  D5949 X   X X X   X      
ASTM D6371         X   X      
Cloud Point
ASTM D2500, ASTM D5773         X          
ISM-TM0172         X X X   X  
H2S Liquid
UOP 163 X X   X X       X X
H2S Vapor
ASTM D5705 X X   X X       X X
Total Acid Number (TAN)
ASTM  D664 X   X              
UOP 163, ASTM D3227   X     X       X X
Copper Corrosion
ASTM  D130   X     X X   X X X
Silver Corrosion
ASTM D6468, ISM - OctelF21       X         X  
Oxidation Stability
ASTM  D2274         X     X X  
ASTM  D4716
Proc. 2
Conductivity Improver
ASTM D2624         X   X X    
ASTM  D6258,
ASTM  D67 56
Cetane Improver
ASTM D613         X          
Lubricity Improver
ASTM D6079, ISO 12156         X          
Octane Improver
ASTM  D2699, ASTM D2700                 X  

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